Inlak'esh are a four piece instrumental acoustic band from Milton Keynes, UK, who work tirelessly on creating succulent, ear pleasing yet hard hitting grooves, delivering distinctive albeit confusingly intricate Spanish scale to Arabian influenced melodies and evoking rhythmical senses with punctuated pauses and timely grabs to create shock and awe.

Once the ear drums adjust to the fact there are no vocals the toes start tapping, the heads get nodding and the room begins to move to the charm of this multiculturally influenced melting pot of sound. 

Inlak'esh are gigging, recording and writing to try and shift their music from the studio to the doors of eager listeners and endeavour to do so in a vehicle driven by enthusiasm, professionalism and decorum however if you are cheeky enough to get on their social media sites you'll find snippets, videos and sound bites that are readily available for all your sense consuming needs while giving an insight to the more personal side of the band.

Follow them, watch them, share them and talk to them at the next gig, they appreciate the interaction......except Steve......he can be a tad bitey!!